GRUN envía mensaje al pueblo de Japón en ocasión del 2683 Aniversario de su Fundación

Managua, February 10th, 2024


Fumio Kishida 

Prime Minister of Japan


Dear Prime Minister: 

On the occasion of commemorating the 2683rd Anniversary of the National Foundation of Japan, Kenkoku Kinen-bi; and the deed of the Legendary First Emperor Jinmu Tennō, next February 11, we wish to express, on behalf of the People and Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of the Republic of Nicaragua and on our own behalf, the warmest Congratulations to you, your People and Government.

On this day of Patriotism, Virtue, and Citizenship Values, we recognize and celebrate the millenary Nipponese History and Culture, reiterating our wishes to continue strengthening the Bonds of Brotherhood, Solidarity and Cooperation that unite our Peoples and Governments.

From our Nicaragua, Always Blessed and Always Free, receive our Fraternal Embrace, as well as the affection of all Nicaraguans for the Brotherly People of Japan.

Daniel Ortega Saavedra      Rosario Murillo